Gold Coast live entertainment industry unites to push for more government support

Musicians, crews and other industry workers in Gold Coast’s live entertainment business have come together to lobby the Queensland government for increased support.

The Independent Entertainment Industry Alliance (IEIA) is seeking government support to help create a pathway to small and medium-sized venues returning to full capacity for live events.

The group held their first meeting in June at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh Heads, and are currently working on a proposed roadmap to bring the Gold Coast live industry back to full business, overhauling capacity limits for sites being their main priority. The IEIA says many sites will not be able to survive if capacity limits continue to be imposed on them.

Talk to The music network, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse owner Kim Ferguson said it was not viable for venues or artists to trade under current capacity restrictions for live music events.

“The constraints on ticket sales mean that performers cannot earn enough to justify the show, and venues cannot guarantee that operating costs are covered by sales of bars with such a small crowd,” he said. Ferguson explained.

The first IEIA meeting at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh Heads. Credit: Melting wax photography

IEIA co-founder Chloe Popa of the Gold Coast Music Awards echoed these concerns, telling The music, “These venues, and in turn many companies based in the music industry, simply will not survive if crippling restrictions continue to be imposed on them.”

“If venues cancel or don’t book concerts, musicians have no opportunity to perform and earn income, sound technicians and roadies are out of work, food and drink vendors lined up are also affected. . The list is long, ”she added.

Other key priorities for the group are lobbying for a border pass exemption system for creative industry workers who depend on touring, making it easier for artists to tour safely.

The Gold Coast, along with many other parts of South East Queensland, including Brisbane and Ipswich, are currently closed until August 8 following an outbreak of community-transmitted COVID-19 cases in the State.

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