Spotify is testing a cheaper subscription plan to win over more customers

One of the largest streaming services in the world, Spotify is currently experimenting with new payment plans to sign up more customers.

Just yesterday, rival service YouTube Premium announced a “Lite” plan in hopes of turning free customers into paying customers. Spotify also doesn’t want to miss the opportunity and is now rolling out a cheaper plan.

The new plan, which The Verge says is being announced to some users in the United States with an associated cost of less than a dollar ($ 0.99 to be exact) will allow customers to skip unlimited songs while listening to music. music on the world’s biggest service.


Additionally, it would also give users the freedom to play specific songs on an album. It turns out that the company offers the same plan to different users for a different amount. The functionality is still in the testing phase.

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Right now, free users don’t have a lot of freedom on Spotify.

Free users can only skip six tracks per hour and are forced to listen to mixed songs on playlists and albums.

Spotify is testing a cheaper subscription plan to attract more customers

Essentially, if you’re stuck on a track you don’t want to listen to or an artist you find unbearable, Spotify won’t let you skip.

For real music lovers, it’s worse than having nothing to listen to. Spotify is taking a risk by expecting its free users to suddenly start paying for music.

Most serious audiophiles already prefer to pay for its Premium service, which offers skips, unlimited downloads, better quality, and a slew of features to please the ear.

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Currently, at least 165 million of Spotify’s 365 million customers pay for music.

And like all businesses, Spotify wants to convert its free customers into paying customers..

Spotify is testing a cheaper subscription plan to attract more customers

Following in the footsteps of Apple Music, Spotify is preparing to deploy its “HiFi” service with lossless music.

Although Spotify remains free for the most part, Apple Music does not extend this functionality. Of course, there is a three month trial on AM, but there is no provision for free listening.

Currently, the Spotify plan is only available to users in the United States. But if it turns out to be successful, users in India might get it soon.

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