Watch: Here’s Why This Bride Refused To Enter Her Wedding Venue

From the groom’s wedding procession to the bride’s grand entrance, almost everything at a wedding is pre-planned and choreographed to make it perfect. However, things may not always go as planned.

A video of a bride refusing to enter her wedding venue because the song she selected was not the one playing went viral, leaving many people amused.

In a viral clip, the bride is reluctant to make her grand entrance at the wedding venue because she is unhappy with the song playing in the background. “I said I wanted ‘Piya mohe ghar aaye’, ask him to play it,” he can be heard saying in the video.

The video was posted to Instagram by the ‘The Wedding Brigade’ page with a caption that read: “Watch the video to find out why the bride didn’t want to enter the room 🤭 Brides-to-be remember to get your bride entry song ready to avoid last minute accidents ”

The video also shows family and friends reassuring the bride that her song will be played. After her video went viral, the bride, identified as Shivani Pippel, posted a video of her entering the room, confirming that her song had finally been played.

Since being shared online, the video has gone viral on several social media platforms and has sparked several reactions among internet users. While many found the bride’s reaction cute, others decided to turn the incident into a hilarious meme. Here, look :

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